Meet Jaimee, Mum Blogger from yoyo-mom


It is important to teach kids about design or architecture?

I think it is very important to teach kids about design and architecture. When we travel as a family and when we walk around Paris, there is so much inspiration when looking up, down and all around.  I like to pose questions to my children about their environment to stimulate their interest in design and architecture.

Our family friend designed the trash cans in the Paris metro.  My kids now hold a special admiration for this simple object. Who would have thought to admire a trash can? We do now!

What can designers learn from kids?

Most of the time kids tend to have more of an open eye and an open spirit. They are less tainted than designers because they are not overexposed to art and design. This can sometimes be refreshing and offer a new viewpoint.

Can you remember your favorite toy that you had as a child?

My favorite toy as a child was my dog (if you can call a dog a toy!). He was purchased for my older brother so that he wouldn’t be jealous of the new baby.  He then became my best friend! I was heartbroken when he died. Our dog was my first experience with death as a child.

What games or toys do your kids most like to play with?

My kids tend to like toys that move including skateboards, bikes, or rollerblades. They are also fans of building toys and digital toys. It’s a good mix. When on the screen, I try to sway them towards the physical games such as the Wii U Just Dance.  Lately, we just discovered the Technology Will Save Us kits. They are an excellent mix of using the screen and learning and building technological toys.

What is essential for every kid’s room?

My kids both seem to think a “pouf” or a large bean bag is essential. These were the first pieces that they wanted in their bedrooms. My daughter chose the Baloon bean bag by designer Florence Jaffrain and my son the Wouf shoe bean bag.

Baloon by younow

Wouf shoe bean bag

Other essential items are stuffed animals, books, a desk, and a cozy bed. Since we have just finished renovated our home, I would now like to add more artwork and photos to personalize each child’s room.

And last, but not least: tell us more about your blog Yoyo Mom! What got you interested in starting it?

Yoyo Mom was launched in 2013 with this adorable video:

Yoyo Mom Blog Magazine

Yoyo Mom is an online magazine for parents (and especially Moms) in French and in English.  As a bilingual Franco-American mom, the idea to communicate in two languages is essential. The primary focus of the website is on children’s fashion and decoration including articles about trends, looks and kids wear designer collections.  Yoyo Mom also includes fascinating Mom interviews, free giveaways, DIY projects, and interesting links and articles from moms around the world.


Photo portrait Jean Paul Lefret