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Alexander & Marie-Luise Bermbach Designer & owner BERMBACH Handcrafted

The hand-woven modern wicker furniture for children by Bermbach are robust yet naturally beautiful with an almost floating lightness of form. With their high-quality classical baskets, the young Frankfurt-based manufacturer Bermbach handcrafted fulfills the wishes of many parents for something that industrial mass production rarely has to offer: High-quality, durable rattan furniture for babies and toddlers, which parents themselves will also delight in. Timelessly beautiful shapes made of high-quality materials return to the bedroom and children’s rooms with these filigree yet robust side sleepers, cradles and children’s beds from Bermbach. The Processing quality, sustainability and the use of ecological materials are just as important to the founders Marie-Luise and Alexander Bermbach as their aesthetic demands.

The wicker beds for children from Bermbach are made from rattan, a well-proven natural material, which is obtained from sustainable cultivation in Indonesia. The elaborate wickerwork is created from the dried tendrils of the rattan climbing palm, which is laced together with vegetable- tanned leather. Inconspicuous screws connect the thin wooden floor of the body with a delicate yet incredibly stable metal frame. Small oiled oak feet ensure a smooth and gentle contact with the floor. The Bermbach beds for children  are then padded with bespoke accessories made from certified organic cotton, which can be supplied in various designs.

In Indonesia, rattan’s homeland, the family finally found an experienced partner whose production meets their high quality requirements. In the meantime, Bermbach handcrafted has developed a small series of different rattan furniture for children that are now available with their own bespoke mattresses, cots and other accessories.


2020 German Design Award, Iconic Awards: Innovative Interior – best of best for Emil
2019 A’ Design Award for Lola
2018 Green Product Award for Lola

with Alexander Bermbach, founder of Bermbach Handcrafted

Why you design wicker beds for children?

After an unsuccessful search for wickerwork cradles for our own children, we decided to design these ourselves. We longed for light, airy wicker furniture in a classical design that was both aesthetic and robust. Within a short time, the first beds were already being produced. We would like to fulfill the desire of many parents for something that industrial mass production simply doesn’t have to offer: The passion for an individual piece of furniture, which can be enjoyed for a very long time.

What is special about your rattan furniture for children?

Today our everyday lives are shaped by a never-ending stream of the new and all too often ephemeral. So we often find ourselves yearning for the ‘good old things’ of yesteryear, which have proved themselves for decades and are still useful and dear to our hearts. This passion is transferred to our hand-woven beds made from natural and untreated materials. Any BERMBACH-Bed is made purely by hand and is in itself a small, unique work of art.

When and where was Bermbach Handcrafted founded?

In January 2017 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Where do you produce your wicker furniture for children?

We work with an experienced Japanese-Indonesian producer, who has revived and perfected traditional rattan weaving in modern factories in Indonesia. The art of this craft paired with our love for detail comes in every BERMBACH – child’s bed to the expression.

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