Jacob Cranz & Maria Aguilar Lorenzana Designer & founder CUCÚ

CUCÚ is a small brand for children’s furniture, founded by the designer-duo Ixmucané Aguilar and Jacob Cranz. We stand for high-quality, natural materials, regional and fair production as well as fresh and thoughtful design. We ask questions and convert them creatively into objects, for example: What does the child see when it encounters the furnishings of its living space? Does a crib have to have bars? Where do children like to hide? etc.

CUCÚ – the montessori bed was born from our belief and our own experience that we do not need to put bars in the way of children’s curiosity. We believe that creative stimuli in our environment together with human accompaniment make the first years of life safe and suitable for children.

We combine wool and wood, form and colors, experience and experiment, to create a safe and at the same time stimulating world that motivates children to discover their senses and imagination in free movement from day one. In doing so, we are also interested in awakening the inner child in the adult.

with Maria Aguilar Lorenzana & Jacob Cranz, designer & founder CUCÚ

Why do you design furniture for kids?

Children have the incredible gift to transform abstract forms into anything they like by using the power of their imagination. This is very inspiring for us as designers. We love the idea of designing such abstract forms, which are absorbed by all the senses and stimulate creative playing.

What is special about your Montessori bed?

Our Montessori bed is one of the very few on the market that does not need any bars at all. The sides can be opened in such a way that the child can safely get in and out by himself, even as a toddler. It adapts to the changing needs of the child and the parents in being not only a bed, but also a living and playing space.

When and where was CUCÚ founded?

We founded CUCÚ in 2020 in Berlin. However, we already created The Bed – our first baby cot inspired by Maria Montessori for our daughter in 2014.

Where do you produce your furniture for kids?

Our fabrics are woven by the company Rohi Stoffe in Bavaria and then processed in Berlin. All wooden parts are made in Berlin by small craftsmen and the final touch as well as the surface treatment is done by us in our own small workshop.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?

Our work as designers and artists consists largely of inspiration – just like our life itself. That is why it is hard to draw a defined line between work and non-work.

Lorenzana & Cranz GbR
Köpenicker Chaussee 31
10317 Berlin
Tel. +49 1769 691 07 59

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