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Leander is an international furniture manufacturer, designing furniture for children. But it is not just about designing furniture for kids. It is also about creating furniture for children that makes a positive difference and that encourages play, movement and creativity. Children´s furniture created to enhance development. And that makes life with children a little easier.

We believe in shape, function and honest materials. And that the best ideas emerge from a need; a problem that needs to be solved. We still keep to the same design philosophy it all began with. That design and function have to come together. That each item of furniture should fit the child and never in reserve order. Leander is no ordinary furniture manufacturer. Leander is a way of thinking. A feeling. And approach to materials, designs and function.


2019 German Design Award Category Baby & Child Care for ”Matty“
2020 Baby & Kind Top 10 Nomination for ”Matty“
2020 Baby Innovation Award Nomination for ”Matty“

with Stig Leander, founder and designer of Leander

Why do you design furniture for children?

Stig Leander designs furniture for children with the vision of making the journey easier and better. He sees opportunities rather than limitations and approaches the discipline of handcraft with both love and respect. He challenges and explores the possibilities and properties of the materials. Down to the smallest detail.

What is special about your designer children’s furniture?

The philosophy behind Leander is that form and function must go into a higher unity. The furniture must adapt to the child and never the other way. Leander is not just a children´s furniture company. It’s a philosophy. A feeling, and an attitude about materials, form and function. The furnitures can grow with the child and we believe in supporting families all over the world to create a meaningful everyday life.

When and where was Leander founded?

It all started in 1998. Stig Leander developed a cradle that sooths and stimulates a child’s development to his pregnant sister-in-law, who was expecting twins. The Leander cradle grew from a need and from a wish to design a cradle that would offer something new. In design and function. Within only a few years, the idea grew from one man’s idea and one product into an entrepreneurial adventure and later became an international furniture manufacturer with activities in more than 40 countries.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?

Stig Leander finds inspiration when he is travelling. He likes to spend time in his summerhouse in Italy, where he can relax and find new inspiration.

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