Olaf Schroeder Designer coclico
Elise Opezzo-Burger Owner coclico

COCLICO – Montessori Furniture & Design Kids’ Furniture Collection

With the Montessori inspired design furniture for kids COCLICO wants to release a pulse by fitting the interiors for the Family Home. Re-Think the arrangement of our Interiors for the whole Family, aligned to the needs of all Family Members.


The COCLICO Montessori Furniture enable:

• the child to live in a prepared environnent which is adapted to his needs in each Living Space

• the parents to observe their children whilst engaging in their own activities

• the whole family to experience a new respectful and caring dynamic in everyday life.

Why do you make furniture for children?
That’s a good question. Making furniture for children wasn’t my objective at first. I wanted to create long-living, sustainable and aesthetic furniture for kids based on the child’s needs at first for another project. And COCLICO was born. Furniture where the child’s world and the adult’s one are united.

What is special about your products for children?
The inspiration of the design and the functions of each detail by each product is special as it is based on the Montessori education and philosophy. Based on this the vision makes our furniture special as we want to achieve a Re-Thinking of the interiors where the child has its place in each living space at home, not only in its kidsroom. We are going further as we are producing locally in rehabilitation workshops with natural and organic materials in Germany.

When and where was your brand / company founded?
The creation started in Frankfurt in 2015, it was planned that it would become COCLICO. The official Start date was in 2017 in Freiburg/Germany.

Where do you produce your furniture for children?
Our Furniture are produced locally and in the region in Rehabilitation-Workshops. It’s a heartfelt wish to be active locally and in the region. 

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?
Familiyfirst! Being together, 100% with and for each other. What we’re doing depends on the mood and what we want to do. Where I feel happiness and brings me most for myself is singing and playing piano…I love Jazz.

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