Paola Ochoa González Designer & founder Studio Din

Din – diseño para niños is a design studio for kids, located in Mexico City. We create friendly places, objects and toys that motivate the creativity, the education and help with the children’s care. The central user of our designs is the child, however we also think about the comfort of adults around children.

We develop various kinds of objects like a complete bedroom, playrooms or single pieces of furniture, playhouse and toys. Our favorite materials are wood, fabric and cardboard.

We work with different professionals that have experience and knowledge regarding child development, such as psychologists and educators. They help us to generate products that are suitable for childhood.

In our country, we help to spread the importance of the design in places, objects, toys and services in child development.

2015 8th INBA Design Biennial (Mexico) Honorable Mention in the Professional Category of Design for Development and Technological Novelty.

2012 Clara Porset competition (Mexico) Honorable Mention in Academic Project Category.

2012 MEDevice Sanofi Aventis 1st place

with Paula Ochoa González, founder Din | Diseño para niños

Why you design rooms & services & products for children?

Because the objects and places that children use are tools that can help them for a better cognitive, physical and emotional development.

What is special about your services and work, Paula?

We work with different professionals that are involved with child development, such as psychologists and educators, they help us to generate products that are suitable to childhood.

It is fascinating to us the way in which children see the world, so we are always looking for ways to continue motivating their imagination and creativity.

When and where was your Din studio founded?

I founded the studio in México City on July 2018.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working, Paula? 

Visit outdoor places for a nice walk or a bike ride, spend time with the family and play with the little ones in the family.


Paula Ochoa González
Ciudad de México
Tel. +52 55 37 03 52 53

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