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Falko Schnelle & Johannes Mühlig-Hofmann Designer studio gross klein

studio gross klein is an agency for product design focusing on children’s toys based in Gießen, Germany. The two owners and designers Falko Schnelle und Johannes Mühlig-Hofmann have several years of experience in the toy industry and are enthusiastic about high-quality materials as well a holistic approach, which incorporates contemporary pedagogical concepts and the context in which the game takes place.

Their services cover the entire development process, from the creation of ideas to visualization, from modeling to production in Germany and abroad. Furthermore, the agency offers consulting services in every stage of the development process. As certified specialists for toy safety, the owners keep safety regulations such as age restrictions and required warnings in mind during the whole design process.

with Falko Schnelle und Johannes Mühlig-Hofmann, designer & owner studio gross klein

Why do you design toys for children?

We are fascinated by toys that a phenomenon to life. The simplest phenomena can seem like magic and at the same time tell us a lot about the world we live in. This is the perfect place to start playfully learning about the world.

What is special about your design for children?

Our objective is to capture the essence of every toy. We are also passionate about using play materials that allow toys to expand beyond their original purpose to encourage other creative uses.

When and where was your design-studio founded?

The studio gross klein was founded in Giessen an der Lahn in the summer of 2015.

Where do you produce your toys?

Many of our products are produced in Germany, others in Europe and in Asia. Every product is produced with the highest quality standards in mind.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?

We go to flea markets and find inspiration there on how to give old things a new life.

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