Rolf Müller Designer & owner LIMUNDO

Limundo  is a manufacturer of lightboxes and lights for children. We were founded as a children’s lighting specialist with many years of practical experience in the light industry and we are based in Munich/Germany. Our range includes various children’s lamps with new creative ideas: Pendant lights for self-designing, mobile desk lamps with RGB color changing, wall lights with an accentuate backlighting, ceiling lights made of cotton with colorful prints, nightlight as egg shape and decorative natural wood light boxes with motifs that can be changed. Our goal is that children feels comfortable in the rooms and becomes sparling eyes when they see our products.

Interview with Rolf Müller of Limundo

Why do you make home accessories for children?
Light is as dear to our hearts as children. Good lighting helps children to feel comfortable in their rooms. Be it at night or in the evening. We want to make children’s eyes glow.

What is special about your products for children?
We combine timeless beautiful design with the necessary functionality and safety.

When and where was your brand Limundo founded?
2016 in Munich/Germany.

Where do you produce your home accessories for children?
We are producing in Germany and in China.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?
Reading, hiking and sleeping.

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