Irene Amantini & Luigi Carosio Designer & founder Kids'Garret

Kids’Garret combines a retro taste with an original design. Play-furniture, creative toys, accessories and clothes for kids are grouped together in various collections. These products are based on true stories. Each collection tells a story inspired by a historical figure.

The founders of Kids’Garret are an Italian couple, an architect and a costume designer, who carry out all the creative and production processes in their atelier in Berlin, from sketches through prototype developing to the finishing touches. The union of the knowledge, interests and artistic professionalism of the two founders, gave life to a creative process that combines Art, Design, History and the Pleasure of Discovery.

Both long-standing implements, like the Japanese saw as well as the sewing patterns, and last generation machines, like laser cutter, CNC milling machine and 3D printer, are used.

with Irene Amantini & Luigi Carosio, founder of Kids’Garret

Why do you design creative toys for kids & play furniture?

We want to give children the possibility to travel with their imagination through Time and Space, offering unique tools to encourage a visual and tactile experience in everyday life. Furthermore, we really enjoy every process of our work.

What is special about your Kids’Garret collection for children?

All our products are inspired by historical figures. The work moves from analyzing multiple aspects of the really existed person into giving form to a model that any kid can identify with.

 When and where was your brand Kids’Garret founded?

The Berlin based brand Kids’Garret took its first steps in the Summer of 2016.

 What do you do when you ARE NOT working?

We spend time with our kid, laughing, acting, playing music, dancing, painting, reading, telling true and made-up stories. And if our kid is sleeping, probably we are watching an old movie projected on the wall of our living room. The seventh Art is truly our great passion!

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