Paola Damiani & Elena D'Alfonso Designer & founder Nini Design

Nini produces interlockable furniture for children that allows them to be independent and frees their creative thinking.

Nini is a line of children’s furniture designed and inspired by the principles of Maria Montessori and the schools of Reggio Emilia, which allows for independent exploration, experimentation, and unlimited creative thinking. A design for children where the function of the object goes beyond furniture to help parents and children grow together, letting their imagination soar.

A fundamental principle of the brand is its sustainability: the products can be used over time and in different functions, the components are interlockable and made with natural material. Most of Nini’s furniture can be considered never-ending.

Nini is made in Italy, in a small town close to Arezzo. The products are healthy and safe, avoiding small or metal components that can be ingested or difficult to handle and are refinished with round edges. The production uses certified birch plywood and oeko-tex textile.

Nini is founded by Elena and Paola, mothers and professionals that decided to design the furniture they wanted for their children and to produce it for everyone.


Fondo per la creatività by Lazioinnova, regional italian award, that funds for creative startups.

with Paola Damiani & Elena D’Alfonso, founder of Nini

Why do you design montessori children’s furniture?
Paola is a designer, Elena is an economist. As mothers, we decided that education is not just choosing a school, but we wanted to apply a different parental approach also in the house. This needed a dedicated design of the space. We wanted something sustainable, beautiful which could promote independence and creativity. After looking for it, we decided to design the wooden furniture for children of our dreams and to produce it for everyone.

What is special about your wooden Montessori furniture for Home?
The children´s furniture we produce are inspired by important pedagogian principles aimed at improving independence and creative thinking in our children. However, Nini’s furniture has something more;  it can be used over time thanks to their multiple possible functions. Each product is always more than just what you think at the beginning: the bed becomes a bookshelf when the child grows up, and the chair turns out to be also a rocking horse when the baby has developed sufficient motors’ skills.

When and where was your children furniture company Nini founded?
We founded Nini in 2018 and we presented our idea for the first time at the Milan design week in 2019. After a couple of months we started the production.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?
Before Covid we used to see friends, going to exposures, take kids to dedicated activity. In this strange period of our lives most of the time we are walking in nature, taking advantage of our landscapes.

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