Antje Stumpe & Martina Musek Designers & owners MuseKind

The young label Musekind – founded by the two designers Martina Musek and Antje Stumpe in Leipzig – develops meaningful and regionally produced creative cardboard toys. With a lot of love, the foldable Pappka house including accessories made of sturdy kraft cardboard was created with the motivation that the children themselves become imaginative designers: The original playhouse becomes an ice palace, an unicorn school or a locomotive shed … everything is possible.

Whether with finger paints or shiny sequins, whether colorful or forest-colored designed with natural materials – the little artist decides for himself how and what his dream house should become. The child experiences positive, emotional moments in the creative process: “This is my house. I made this myself”. It is also valuable that child and giver experience the time of construction together – how does the flat cardboard become a three-dimensional house? The mobile playhouse is child’s play to fold up, stow away on the bookshelf or take with you on your next trip.


2019 quality seal ”spiel gut“

with Martina Musek and Antje Stumpe, founders of MuseKind

Why you design play ideas for children?

We asked ourselves the question, “What does a child need? Just impulses and time together to do something together!” With our products, we give the gift of shared, valuable time.

What is special about your creative cardboard toys?

Our toy is only an idea and not yet finished. The child can become a designer himself and contribute his ideas. Of course, he has to be brave to paint his toy. And parents can learn to let go. We have been asked many times, “And what if my child not paint correctly?”

Then they’re bound to think of something, but in most cases, kids like exactly what they’ve created themselves. It is, after all, their work of art. And they are also very careful with the material cardboard and develop a sensitivity for it.

When and where was your toy brand founded?

We founded our toy label Musekind 2018 in Leipzig

Where do you produce your cardboard toys?

We produce our Pappka houses regionally in Saxony, in Germany. They are die-cut and assembled in Leipzig and printed in Plauen.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?

Then we play with our children, grow vegetables and dream of a world that has no disadvantages for anyone.

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