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Since our foundation in 2013, we at myfelt have set ourselves the goal of designing unique and ecological felt ball rugs and accessories. To achieve this, we combine natural felt made of 100% New Zealand virgin wool and traditional Nepalese craftsmanship with eco-friendly colours, innovative methods of production and modern, timeless design. Aesthetics and sustainability go hand in hand at myfelt, resulting in long-lasting and high-quality interior designer products of fair production. All of our home accessories and organic carpets are GoodWeave certified, meaning that the transparency of all fair production steps is guaranteed.

At myfelt, we see ourselves as a social project for the preservation of an age-old Nepalese handicraft. In addition to a selection of different collections, customers also have the possibility to have a one-off rug created in the design of their choice using the unique carpet configurator.

with Aaron Freitag founder of myfelt

Why you design organic felt carpets?

At myfelt, we pay particular attention to sustainability, environmental responsibility and organic production through and through. For our collections and accessories, we use only natural dying methods and avoid the use of synthetic materials in our products completely. Our customers appreciate this natural approach to our product range and justifiably have a good feeling when their children play on our rugs.

What is special about your felt carpets and felt boxes?

On the one hand the timeless design and on the other hand the durability and very natural feel of the felt material used. At myfelt, this also includes welfare-friendly husbandry and gentle shearing of the sheep in New Zealand, exclusively FairTrade certified dye works, the centuries-old craftsmanship of felt production, fair wages and safe working conditions. The unique myfelt home accessories are the result of a fully sustainable production chain.

When and where was myfelt  founded?

During my first trip to Nepal, in a region bordering Tibet at an altitude of around 4000m, I encountered the raw material, i.e. pure virgin wool and its traditional method of craftsmanship for the first time. Out of this first fascination, the idea of myfelt was born and the company was founded in 2013 in Berlin.

And what do you do when you ARE NOT working?

I enjoy meeting friends and family (outside) as much as possible.  In these times, the zeitgeist of togetherness and keeping it simple has really become more present to me; leading me to be inspired by it not only personally, but also professionally. Sometimes less is more.

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