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Olaf Schroeder Designer pure position

pure position – high-quality children’s furniture design from Bavaria

pure position is a label for children’s furniture in a reduced and functional design. The pure position success story began with the growing table desk for children and young people. In the meantime, the collection also includes shelving and seating furniture with a modular design and a clear design language. pure position is a brand of the Bavarian IWL workshops, a workshop for people with disabilities. Their aim is to create high-quality furniture that can be passed on from generation to generation.


2017 German Design Award  Special mention for “brick for kids”

2010 German Design Award Nominee  for “growing table”

2008 Focus Green  International design award of the Design Center Stuttgart, gold for “growing table”

with Olaf Schroeder, designer pure position

Why do you design furniture for children?

It doesn’t really make a difference to me whether I design furniture for children or grown-ups, because designing for both groups interests me a lot. I designed my first piece of furniture about 10 years ago. Some friends asked me to make a desk for grade school children. So, I asked myself what kind of desk I would have liked as a child. After an intense process of development, I made the “growing table”, which grows with the children. Today, it is part of pure position’s furniture range.

What is special about your children’s furniture design?

Pure position’s children’s furniture gives children the freedom and stimulation they need to grow. On the one hand because it grows with the child and can be extended, on the other hand through its subtle design.

When and where was pure position founded?

I established pure position in 2007 in Frankfurt/Main. In 2011, it became part of the non-profit workshop IWL for people with disabilities in Bavaria.

Where do you produce your furniture for children?

Pure position is produced and distributed in Machtlfing in Bavaria in the south of Germany. I advise and support the label externally in their design and creative processes. The internal team looks after the production and distribution.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?

The part of my work that has to do with reflection or development doesn’t really feel like work to me. Nonetheless, I do also try to switch off. My partner and I like to cook. We have many friends in Berlin and regularly go to cultural events with them. We also like to go to one of Berlin’s many bars, such as the wonderful Green Door Bar in Schöneberg.

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