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Tititi studio produces original wooden toys inspired not only by the craft of Czech creators such as Minka Podhajská and Václav Špála, but also by international design icon, Alexander Girard. Every toy is one of a kind, each design therefore being unique. That which, in our childhood, was merely a toy, becomes, as we age, a timeless object with aesthetic value. Tititi art pieces aim to ignite the imagination whilst simultaneously inscribing one’s memories in-between the annual growth rings of the wood.

Tititi wooden toys and art pieces are included in the collections of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague and the Moravian Gallery in Brno.


2022 BigSEE Wood Design Award
Czech Design Week Award
 Czech Grand Design Awards Finalist
 Designblok Award (Home Accessories)

with Tereza Talichová, designer and founder of Tititi

Why do you make handmade wooden toys?

We believe that everyone should have their own unique toy. Therefore, every toy we produce is an original. We go by a motto: “The toy is the child’s earliest invitation to art” — Charles Baudelaire.

What is special about your Tititi Collection?

All our toys are handmade, and our design is inspired by contemporary art. Tititi toys do not need to be tidied away, they can serve as a decoration. No matter if you are a child or an adult, Tititi toys playfully complement your home.

When and where was Tititi founded?

Tititi is a Prague based design studio founded in 2019.

Where do you produce your original wooden toys?

First, our wooden toys are shaped on a lathe near Prague. Second, we transfer our toys to our studio located in Mánes, a historic building in the city center of Prague. There, we design and paint all our products by hand.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?

We travel and explore exhibitions and museums around the world. Our favourite is the Venice Biennale and other art symposiums that provide us with great inspiration.

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