Anna Nóra Nagy Designer & Founder of Eperfa

Eperfa toys are inspired by the landscapes and wildlife in Hungary, the hills around Budapest and the ever-changing lake Balaton. They are dedicated to the natural slowness of childhood, where kids can explore freely and take their time to observe.

We create open-ended toys and believe in a simple, timeless design, pure shapes and fresh colours.

Respect and responsibility for both environmental and social factors are core values in our design and production processes. We source 95% of our wood from a local national park, directly from the foresters who maintain the woods there, making sure the whole ecosystem is looked after.

All of our sustainable toys are manufactured ethically in Hungary, by individual craftsmen and in small local workshops, where disabled and socially underprivileged people are employed. We are proud to put their wellbeing and balanced workload in the focus of our production.

We constantly look for new possibilities to source our materials locally to reduce our carbon footprint.



2019 R Design Milan (Italien), Marie Claire (Schweiz), Milano mom’s (Italien), Air France onboard magazine

2018 Air France onboard magazine, Une belle journée book illustrations (Frankreich) – Flora Gressard

2017 Marie Claire Enfants (Frankreich), Milk Japon (Denmark)

2016 Luna Magazin (Deutschland), Red Dot Design Museum shop selection (Singapore)

Interview with Anna Nóra Nagy, designer & founder of Eperfa

Why you design products for children?
We like the creativity and playfulness in designing things for kids. Children have a unique, out-of-the box way of thinking that we find super fascinating and inspiring. We love the way they can be so easy about things and teach us to slow down and be present.

What is special about your sustainable toys for kids?
For us, it feels really special to realise that we created toys so closely related to our homeland and children and their parents from all over the globe like them so much and play with them.

When and where was your Brand founded?
Eperfa was founded in Hungary. It started as a shared project of three friends, as a mentored programme by MOME University in Budapest five years ago. Owner and designer Anna Nóra Nagy works with a small group of alike-minded nature and design enthusiasts ever since.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?
We spend a lot of time with our families of course. Also, we love to be with our friends outdoors reconnecting with nature, visit our lakeside house at Balaton or look for pre-loved vintage items to our home. Nowadays, we more and more are interested in establishing a greener urban lifestyle, we enjoy growing plants and vegetables for instance.

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