Hadi Barkat Founder & owner Helvetiq
Helvetiq-team on tour in Warsaw/Poland

The international publisher Helvetiq based in Switzerland creates books and games for all ages since 2008. It’s catalog contains around 60 games, some of them were published in 15 languages and are distributed in 27 countries. The games range from small pocket games for on the go, family games – among them several wooden games –, party games for a fun evening with friends and one outdoor games for exciting days in the park. In addition the publisher released around 50 books in German, French and English. Among them are travel books, culinary books as well as playful kids books that make both children and parents smile.

Graphic design and illustration are core competences at Helvetiq. The team consists of 10 members who are multi-lingual, multi-cultural, well-travelled and a bit peculiar. We are passionate about crafting and sharing the little things that make us enjoy life more.

with Hadi Barkat owner of Helvetiq

Why do you make toys for children?
We intend to be honest and authentic. This applies to our products, to how we promote them and to the values and actions of our team. When we discover something that excites us, we want to share it. That’s why many of our books and games have been created in an organic way through our own biography or out of personal interest.

What is special about your products for kids?
We love seeing and revealing the extraordinary in the ordinary. We love the imagination of children and try to incorporate the same creativity in our products to create something that satisfied their curiosity and celebrates their imagination. Our games and books enable children to grasp things quickly and playfully. On top of that, they are beautifully designed so that it should not be disturbing for parents if they lie around untidy …

When and where was your company founded?
Helvetiq was founded in in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2008.

Where do you produce your toys for children?
We produce our games with longstanding partners in Poland and China. Our books are printed in the Czech Republic.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?
Playing games what else?! No seriously, the Helvetiq team is multi-lingual, multi-cultural and well-travelled. It’s comprised of very different people with equally different hobbies: some of us paint while others love surfing or horse riding or go to the opera. Our passion for books and games connects us.

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