Alain Pineau Designer for Italtrike
Stefano Gandolfi Founder & owner of Italtrike

Our rides-on, tricycles and bicycles are conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, where we were born over 35 years ago.

Our mission is to put the well-being of children at the heart of our products, which are designed to provide maximum fun, safety, reliability and durability.


Our values

to improve the quality of life and contribute to a more sustainable world. Our products are designed to last through an elegant and international design.

Know how
our experience in product development and enhancement has led us to work with the best suppliers to ensure strength and durability.

we are committed to improving ourselves and always offering an excellent product, thanks to our continuous research and development work.

we pay attention to the materials we use, to the manufacturing processes, from the implementation of green energy to the reduction of packaging space, from the recycling of the components of our cycles to the replacement of parts.

Corporate responsibility
acting in a responsible manner is the key to all of our choices, we are aware of the social and ethical impact that we have on our territory, people and especially on future generations.


2018/19 ADI Design Index

2017 Triennale Milano

2016 TG Toys

2013 Innovation Award Kind+Jugend

with Stefano Gandolfi, founder & owner of Italtrike

Why do you design products for children?
We believe that design is the key for sustainable and harmonious development of life and human relationships. For children in particular, design should convey curiosity, stimulate movement and give them serenity. Since the beginning, our love for beauty has led us to collaborate with the French designer Alain Pineau, who still supports us by conveying our values within each product.

What is special about your rides-ons, tricycles and bicycles?
We believe that our values (design, know-how, innovation, sustainability and corporate responsability) are important for kids’ activities. Physical activity means well-being, growth, psychomotor and intellectual development for each child. It is through activity and play that children learn, grow up and become aware of themselves as they relate to space and their fellow players. They are extremely gratified to move freely and independently.

When and where was your brand Italtrike founded?
We are an Italian company: our products are conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in Veneto, near Bassano del Grappa, where we were born over 35 years ago. An area that, thanks to its beauty and the initiative of its people, has been a driving force for our projects and our corporate philosophy.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?
Cycling is my great passion! I love riding my bike by myself or with friends. On weekends I enjoy climbing by bike the mountains that surround the town where I live. As an alternative, I love riding to visit charming places in Italy, our beautiful country.

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