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Lessing Produkgestaltung is a Duesseldorf based design-studio and toy company. Founded in 2006, the production facilities are situated in a green backyard at the heart of the city. Here our eco-friendly wooden toys for kids and adults are designed, handcrafted and packed for worldwide shipping.


Playing is trying! Thus, there are no fixed rules. Everything is simple – modular – expandable. Being purely “analogue”, our handmade wooden toys trigger all senses by their material, their feel and smell. They are a supplement as well as a counterpart for today’s “smart” world. But of course they have to look nice – we’re designers after all. All our eco-friendly wooden toys are games as well as sculptures, toy blocks as well as palm stones.


Christian Lessing is the founder of Lessing Producktgestaltung. Being a trained carpenter and a graduated graphics designer, he works as an independent designer since 2006.


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with Christian Lessing founder & designer of Lessing Produktgestaltung

Why do you design and produce wooden toys for kids?
Our products are games as well as sculptures, toy blocks as well as palm stones.

What is special about your handmade wooden toys?
Ask the children.

When and where was Lessing Produktgestaltung founded?
2006 in Duesseldorf/Germany.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?

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