Martin Bruckner Designer Designposition

NASEWEISS are high-quality toys from wood. For enjoying, making, playing and experimenting.

To enable small explorers to experience great things. When it comes to developping products, our primay objective is to make ideas understanable. Products that can be understood through play and which are of a very high quality. Indeed, because we work with disabled people we don´t believe that people should have to adapt to our models, but rather that our models should be adapted to people. After all, our toys are not loved by children for nothing.

All creative toys for kids are made using only high end, long lasting materials. At the end of their useful life, they can be recycled easily.

NASEWEISS is a project run by the Ostalb Workshops. The body responsible for these facilities is the Samaritan Foundation. More than 500 mentally and physically disabled people work under the instruction of experienced instructors.

We were distinguished with some kinds of awards, amont them, lots of our toys have recieved awards from Spiel Gut. A jury of educationalists, psychologists, experts for environmental and parents evaluate among others play value, quality of material, security, environmental compatibility, design and understandability of instructions.

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