Roy Barazani Designer & founder The Offbits

THE OFFBITS is an award-winning toy company. We created a new kind of construction toy that spark the imagination of all ages, encourage creativity, and turn the familiar bits and pieces we all have around us into a new generation of toys. Our “open-source” construction kits are perfect for ages 6-101. They include brightly-colored robot characters, custom-designed vehicles, extension packs, tools, and accessories. The construction-kits can be combined to allow infinite building possibilities, and additional parts can be added from any home toolbox!



2017 Parents’ Choice Awards Gold (USA)
Mom’s Choice Awards Gold (USA) for the space mission products

with Roy Barazani, designer & founder The Offbits

Why do you design creative toys for children?
I’ve always been fascinated by re-designing things. Even as a child, I would take my toys apart instead of playing with them, which opened my imagination to the new possibilities derived in everyday objects. Today, as a father to two young children, I developed The Offbits concept as an added-value construction toy for children and adults of all ages.

What is special about construction toy?
The Offbits is a new “open-source” build-it-yourself construction toy, that brings a unique new twist to classic construction fun toys. Made from proprietary connectors and standard hardware components it allows endless possibilities of designs, inviting you to become a spare parts artist!

When and where was your toy company The Offbits founded?
When I studied at the prestigious Bezalel Design Academy in Jerusalem/Israel I went to my toolbox looking for some inspiration for my final project. Soon after, the first OFFBITS robot was born! In 2015 I launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to get the project off the ground and into production, and here we are today, with a range of 30 Offbit models, selling in more than 35 countries and I still feel the skies (or the galaxy…) are the only limit for me and the Offbits!

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?
Trying not to do too much…

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