Fabien Fontain Toy-designer & founder Tralala Ltd.

Tralala Ltd. is a Hong Kong based toy company founded by a multi-cultural couple Katie & Fabien Fontaine. The duo teamed up to bring the best of each world and cultures. Fabien has a passion for toys and is a design lover. He travels the globe to promote Tralala Ltd‘s main brand Lalaboom and find new ideas. Katie has a strong background in admin & production within toy industry which help her to smoothly handle production schedules, customers demands and maximize cooperation with manufacturers. The company has the capacity to handle any toy project all along the process from an idea on a paper to shipment worldwide thanks to a large network of long term partners built over the years spent in Asia.



2019 Best toy of the year award Australia
2019 National Parenting NAPPA Award
2018 Best toy of the year award Sweden and France
2018 Parent’s choice Silver medal
2018 Top Toy award –
2018 Dr. Toy Best Pick winner award
2018 Tillywig toy Brain Child award

2019 Germany Design award – Special mention
2019 Good Design award – The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design
2019 IDEA design award  Bronze
2019 A Design Italy – Bronze + Iron award

Why do you make creative toys for children?
We make toy because we love the fact to bring nice & usefull products which help children (and adult of tomorrow) to discover their potential & skills.

What is special about your creative toys for children?
Our products are all about OPEN PLAY & UNIVERSALITY. Let kids decide where to dig, it stimulate them not to find a solution but to create it themselve.

When and where was your brand founded?
The brand was founded in 2017 and the company in 2015 in Hongkong.

Where do you produce your creative toys for children?
The lalaboom toys are developed by Fabien Fontaine, a French designer living in Hong Kong and produced by an Hong Kong based company in South of China about 50 kilometers from our office.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?
We play with our kids, go to the beach, read about toys & design.

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