Pablo Saracho Designer & founder Wodibow

Wodibow is a Spanish wooden toy company. “We design and produce creative wooden toys for toddlers, WITHOUT PLASTICS, but not only for toddlers and children, because many parents also love the design of our products.”

The founder, designer, and entrepreneur of Wodibow, Pablo Saracho, decided to embark on his dream in 2014 and created this toy company that promotes creativity above all and, at the same time, avoids the use of plastic in its products.


2017 A’Design Award
IDA, Red Dot Award, A’Design Award
2015 IDA, Red Dot Award, A’Design Award

with Pablo Saracho, founder & designer of Wodibow

Why do you make wooden toys for toddlers?

We make wooden toys for toddlers because when we asked myself, “What would I like to be when I grow up?” the answer was: a toy maker.

What is special about your creative wooden toys?

Our wooden toys do not treat kids as if they were dumb. Childhood is a transcendent stage of our life. Anything that we get in touch with is a seed for the future. The toys we play with grow with us and have a role in outlining our lives. The design of our wooden toys is a relevant ingredient in the development of the kid’s talent.

When and where was Wodibow founded?

We founded Wodibow  in 2014, in Spain.

Where do you produce your wooden toys?

We produce with manufacturers we know personally and trust, in Spain and Vietnam.

What do you do when you ARE NOT working?

I’m not sure if there is any time that I am not working. What I mean is that I love my work so much that I’m always thinking about it.  Anyway, I walk a lot, in the city, traveling, hiking, etcetera.

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