Hase Weiss: Wooden Modular Dollhouse for Kids (3+)


Hase Weiss: Wooden Modular Dollhouse for Kids (3+)


With the wooden modular dollhouse for kids from Hase Weiss, children can freely design their world. Whether it’s a high-rise building, a small farm or an entire city – there are no limits to their creativity. The separate modules are available in different neutral colors and sizes and whether room, staircase or tower house – they all fit together and can be freely combined. The modular dollhouse by Hase Weiss is the perfect choice for all little architects at the age of 3 and up, who want to give their imagination a new home every day.


Small room: H 21.5 x W 17 x D 22 cm
Middle room: H 21.5 x W 33.5 x D 22 cm
Salon: H 43 x W 33.5 x D 22 cm
Stairs: H 20 x W 20 x D 7.5 cm
Tower house: H 58 x W 22 x D 22 cm
Row house: H 58 x W 22 x D 22 cm
Gable house: H 37 x W 22 x D 22 cm


White, Light Blue, Mint Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Petrol, Natural


beech and birch plywood from Poland, acrylic paint from Finland


high play value +++ 99% natural, renewable materials +++ product is completely recyclable +++ packaging made of 100% recycled material +++ long-lasting product +++ vegan +++ small batch production +++ 100% handicraft +++ female business


wood workshop for people with disabilities in Poland

Compliance mark

CE +++ FSC


from 3 years up


Anna Pfeiffer


stairs: €39.90
small room: €44.90
middle room: €54.90
salon: €79.90
gable house: €89.90
tower house: €129.90
row house: €129.90


Please contact Hase Weiss directly for current prices and availability.