LOOP by Pantolinos – throwing ring made of 100% leather (3+)


LOOP by Pantolinos – throwing ring made of 100% leather (3+)


This throwing ring is made of vegetable-tanned leather and flies from child’s hand to parent’s hand without hurting. Since it is filled with 100% leather, it can fly astonishingly high and can also be squished to a bundle that fits in your pocket. “Loop” had received multiple certifications and is designed and manufactured in a small factory in the Hannover area in Germany. You can choose between nine colors and two sizes and have your name embroidered on it, which guarantees your very own, individual and favorite Loop.


M: Ø 17 cm
L: Ø 22 cm


nine different colours


100% vegetable-tanned leather (outer skin + stuffing) from Germany


high play value +++ universal design +++ 100% natural, renewable materials +++ product is compostable +++ local production +++ long-lasting product +++ small batch production +++ 100% handicraft +++ female business


manufactured in a family-friendly factory in Germany

Compliance mark

ECARF Quality Seal, IVN Natural Leather Certification, FAMI Quality Seal


German Design Award 2018


3 years and up

Maintenance advice

Wipe off with a damp cloth


Iris Mesenbrink/ Pantolinos


M: € 24.90
L: € 29.90

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