TOTEMO: Imaginative Construction Toys for 4 Year Olds and Older


TOTEMO: Imaginative Construction Toys for 4 Year Olds and Older


Czech designer Adriana Kolda found the inspiration for her imagination-boosting construction toy in her own childhood. For her, even an ordinary toothbrush could become a moon rocket. It is precisely this magic and childlike creativity that she has now created for future generations. The result: Totemo is a wonderful, sustainable construction toy for children aged four and over, where both young and old can let their imaginations run wild.


wood or multicolored


beech plywood from Czech Republic
PET recycled from Czech Republic


high play value +++ universal design +++ 50 % natural, renewable materials +++ product with < 50% recycled content +++ 100% local production +++ long-lasting product +++ small batch production +++ female business


Czech Republic

Compliance mark

CE +++ ITC certified quality (CZ)


from 4 up to 99 years


Adriana Kolda


€ 53 CLASSIC Set Natural (25 wooden pieces, 18 connectors)

€ 65 CLASSIC Set Coloured (25 wooden pieces, 18 connectors)
€ 68 Ball Track (32 wooden pieces, 24 connectors)
€ 156 BIG Set Natural (120 wooden pieces, 90 connectors)
€ 214 BIG Set Coloured (120 wooden pieces, 90 connectors)

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