Fun in a Case by Inneditkids: Modular Play Furniture System (3+)


Fun in a Case by Inneditkids: Modular Play Furniture System (3+)


To play, children need their imagination. That’s probably also what designers Gabriel Songel, Patricia Rodrigo Franco and Beatriz García Prósper were thinking about when creating “Fun in a Case” – a wooden play furniture system full of different games. The individual design elements and stickers of their Boxes can be combined in the most diverse ways. What’s a doll’s house with a kitchenette today, is a boat on the sea tomorrow and the day after a grocery store. The box offers up to 12 different themed worlds – but surely children’s imaginations can discover even more possible and impossible things.


L 60 x W 30 x H 30 cm


birch natural


birch plywood, metal fittings, cardboard packaging, printed removable stickers


high play value +++ >50% natural, renewable materials +++ packaging made of 100% recycled material +++ 100% local production +++ long-lasting product +++ vegan +++ small batch production +++ >50% handicraft


Local manufacturing in Valencia / Spain

Compliance mark

CE, EN 71 for toy safety


3 years and up


Gabriel Songel & Patricia Rodrigo Franco & Beatriz García Prósper


€ 680

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