Nanuu – versatile play furniture by Chantal Bavaud (3+)


Nanuu – versatile play furniture by Chantal Bavaud (3+)


A wooden pod, two boards, two bolts and a textile element – these components can be put together to create as many toys as your child’s imagination wants. The base element is a wooden board curved into a U form. It has several slits, through which you can slide the boards which are secured with the bolts, as well as wooden knobs, to which you can secure a perforated felt mat. Depending on your combination, you can create a grocer’s shop, a play house, a seesaw, a carriage, a ship, and much more. You can also add elements such as ropes, poles or blankets and scarves to create endless combinations that will stimulate your child’s drive to build new things.


Product Information


L 77 x W 36 x H 50 cm


untreated wood, textile: grey


beech plywood, textiles: 100% polyester


sustainable forest management, durable product, small batch series



Compliance mark

FSC, EN 71 for toy safety


3 to 7 years


Chantal Bavaud


Ikea Foundation Switzerland, Swiss Design Award Nominee, 1st Prize Kiwanis Advancement Award, James Dyson Award Nominee

Maintenance advice

Textile: can be removed and washed at 30°



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