Stool & Stoolesk – sustainable designer children’s furniture by COLLECT furniture (+1)



Stool & Stoolesk – sustainable designer children’s furniture by COLLECT furniture (+1)


The handmade and ecological oakwood furniture set STOOL AND STOOLESK made in Denmark for kids has many functions. It is a matching desk and bench that children can sit at to draw, write or play. If they want to reach something way up high, they can use the bench as a stool to stand on. And if you turn the stool around, it rests on its built-in wheels and becomes a push car that your kids can zip away on for their next round of adventure. In the meantime, the grown-ups can use the desk as a bench to sit and rest on. But only until your child wants to draw, then the bench once again becomes a desk.

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Product Info


STOOL: W 35 x D 20 x H 20 cm
STOOLESK: W 53 x D 38 x H 41 cm


oak oiled natural, white, smoked


oiled oak, grey rubber wheels


fair production, manufactured in a handicrafts enterprise, sustainable forest management, durable product, contaminant-free, eco-friendly manufacturing, small batch series


Handicraft family entreprise in Lithuania / final finish in Denmark

Compliance mark

CE, Nordic Swan Ecolabel


1 – 5 years


Frederic Collette

Maintenance advice

Dirty surfaces are wiped off with a firmly wrung cloth using mild soap water. Never use concentrated cleaners because they can dry out or ruin the surface treatment. If the surface has become dull and dried out, a thin layer of furniture oil (white or natural) can be applied. The smoked and natural oak wood is treated with natural furniture oil, whereas the white oak is treated with white-pigmented furniture oil. Please consult your furniture dealer before choosing the oil. We recommend using natural plant oil, as originally used on this furniture. If the wood fibre should rise a little from the treatment you can sand the surface gently along the grain with sandpaper grain 220 to 320. Cloths used for oiling and polishing are inflammable and can ignite spontaneously. Place the cloths in an airtight container or make them wet after use and throw them out.


STOOL: € 194.35
STOOLESK: € 389.35
Set STOOL+STOOLESK: € 519.35

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