Wickwam – baby diaper changing table (0+)



Wickwam – baby diaper changing table (0+)


Wickwam is a baby diaper changing table that you simply place on top of your washing machine, which makes it easy and practical to swaddle your baby in the middle of your bathroom.  The flexible and easy-to-mount box and the storage space underneath the actual changing table make it easy for parents to dry their infant while having everything under control. It is flexible and safe: the fixture fits on top of all appliances that are 60 centimeters wide – it is fixated with a tension belt.  The edges are rounded and its comfortable height prevents babies from falling and parents from getting a backache.

Product Info


high version: W 63 x L 72.5 x H 33 cm
flat version: W 63 x L 72.5 x H 17,5cm
box for mounting: W 26.5 x L 45 x H 19 cm
overall width (including box for mounting): 78 cm


opaque white, transparent nature


Multiplex boards, glue, wood quartz oil


social project, manufactured in a handicrafts enterprise, sustainable forest management, durable product, handicraft, small batch series


workshop for disabled people in Berlin / Germany

Compliance mark

TÜV Inspection in compliance with DIN EN 12221-1+-2:2013-12


German Design Award, Special Mention 2017


0 to 3 years

Maintenance advice

Easy to clean, sturdy surface


Matthias Quasdorf, Martin Tschubel


from €250 to €315, depending on version and color

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