What others are saying

June 2016

»I love Aflii and it’s always a special source of inspiration.«

Valentina Caiazzo,
Architect & Blogger, amisuradibimbo.com

November 2015

»What an interesting platform! It would be a pleasure to attend.«

Carolina Balbino

Oktober 2015

»Your project is awesome: your purpose, the website design, the fair booth design, the other products selected; we are impressed. Nowadays, we are working in a network of alternative toy makers and designers here in Uruguay because we also see its need.«

María Elena Fernández
Designer, www.bilutoys.com

September 2015

»We have had a look at your homepage, and I must say we are deeply impressed with the quality of the products you promote, and the entire concept of afilii. Most of us here at Permafrost have small kids ourselves, and we find your platform really attractive and inspiring.«

Tore Vinje Brustad
Partner, Permafrost designstudiowww.permafrost.no

June 2015

»afilii is all about collecting the best products for children in one platform. It is all about expressing the best ideas in the universe of design for children. It is all about helping the children get in touch with these ideas, but  also help us, the designers show our ideas through this unique platform. We’re proud to be part of the Afilii family«

George Zervakis
Designer, www.11percent.gr

March 2015

»afilii is a great multiplicator! Their continuous presence within media and trade fairs has generated many substancial contacts for KORXX. Regarding this matter, afilii’s appearance as well as KORXX’s presentation is always precise and proceeds according to our aesthetic needs.Thank you for the great cooperation!«

Patricia and Sven Kuch
Ples Gmbh (Germany)

February 2015

»Thanks for your work that give us the opportunity to have visibility.«

Alessandra Falconi
Italiantoy (Italy)

January 2015

»Thank you for your support … it looks great! I truly appreciate that you reached out to me this summer and offered me this opportunity! It means a lot!«

Michael Neville (US)

December 2014

»As our online shop has a very small but well ordered selection of high-quality and aesthetic products, afilii presents a wonderful source of inspiration for us, a true quarry of great ideas! Especially in such a vast and disordered market, its fun to meet a team that has a knack for good design.Keep it up!«

Bernhard Rauscher
Founder Lila Rakete – gutes Spielzeug (Germany)

September 2014

»A great website. Clarity and information packaged in a pure and appealing design.Successful all around!«

Birte Wildung
iGADU (Germany)

»I loved the design Park!!!!!! There are some really lovely products there and I will be in touch with some of the companies!! Many thanks!!!«

Petra Arzberger, Director
Kidz Inc (Dubai)

»I visited your exhibition at the last Kind + Jugend Fair and was very exited about this!«

Jan Sinke, Editor
Toy magazine Speelgoed en Hobby (Netherlands)

July 2014

»We are thrilled by afilii’s platform!”«

Vera Cramer
Editorial AIT (Germany)

»I think afilii is a splendid«

Julia Hasse,
stereoscopic Engineer (Germany)

»Eine tolle Website. Übersichtlichkeit, Informationsgehalt verpackt in einem klaren ansprechenden Design. Rundum gelungen!«

Birte Wildung
iGADU (Germany)

June 2014

»Incidentally, your website is very nice.”«

Prof. Birgit Weller
University of Applied Sciences, Business and Economics, Berlin (Germany)

»Your website is wonderful and you have an impressive assortment of fun and honest products.«

Solveig Torsteinsen
Torsteinsen Design (Norway)

»afilii- simple, clear, modern design that leaves space for phantasy within children’s heads. Simply beautiful! Way to go!«

Nina Kremer, interior architect
MeridianSpa Deutschland GmbH (German)

May 2014

»I am in awe of all the amazingly beautiful products shown on the afilii website, they are incredibly beautiful and imaginative. Amazing, really. I would be so happy to discover an opportunity to add some of them to our growing company.«

Maria McGoldrick
zengokidsclub (Italy)

January 2014

»afilii is a very beautiful project !«

Camille Bazil
little cabari (France)