Our Values

Creativity and imagination are necessary conditions for children to live a malleable, meaningful and content life in our consumer world. If children don’t have access to either of these, they will find it difficult to make independent decisions later in life.

afilii works with international designers and manufacturer to promote children’s creativity and imagination across all cultures.

One of the fundamental principles of a democratic upbringing is the idea that children should “just try it out…”. In this sense we feel that children should be given a voice in determining what spaces and products they grow up in and with – ones that they find delight in and that they can use actively and with joy.

We ask: What kind of spaces do children need and what can products do for them? In the selection of children’s products we ask these important questions:

• are they meaningful and suitable for children?
• functional and safe?
• of high-quality and durable?
• well-thought-out and aesthetic?
• Where and how where they produced?
• Which materials were used in their production?
• Do the products have certifications or did they receive awards?

afilii is oriented towards both commercial and private clients: to retailers, towards planners, interior designers, and architects of public and private spaces for children, teachers, care-takers and children’s institutions, as well as towards open-minded parents of children between the ages of 0 to 13 years.