is an initiative to inspire people around the world with creative ideas to play at home by using materials around the house.

✔ for all ages
✔ for all cultures
✔ inspiring people to the power of creativity
✔ support positive feelings
✔ maintain togetherness
✔ we thank creative people and designers for the game ideas
✔ idea & concept: Katja Runge, founder of afilii

Do you want to take part with your game idea? Please send us a picture (square) and a short text about your game to: moc.iilifa@tcatnoc

Enjoy and have fun!

fork tower

Build a tower as high as you can. Or as beautiful as you can. That’s all.

idea & credit
Bram van den Haspe,, Netherlands

tic tac toe

Game for two people aged 4 and up.

What do you need?
A paper, a pen, and 9 bottle tops or coins or buttons.

idea & credit
afilii, Germany


Dress up & turn on music & dance!

Tara, Germany

painting the song

“How deep is the sea” by Lucio Dalla
It’s no use. There’s no more work. There is no more decorum. God or who for him. He’s trying to divide us. To hurt us. To drown us. How deep is the sea.

idea & credit
Stefano Visconti, ITACAfreelance, Italy



What do you need?
Just one page from a magazine and a deeper look at picture number 2, there you find the manual how to create your crumpleman.

Have fun!

idea & credit
Alfredo Häberli for form 2002

paint a rare animal

What kind of rare animals do you know? Paint or create one.

idea & credit, France

walking like an animal

Try out to walk like different animals, such as a frog.

idea & credit
Sarit Shani Hay Studio, Israel

dung heap

Draw the numbers 1 – 20 on a sheet of paper. Choose two different coloured pens with your partner. One person connects the even numbers, one the odd ones. Then it starts. Connect number 1 and 3; the other number 2 and 4. And so on. There is only one rule: Do not cross any other lines. (Tunnels are allowed)

idea & credit
pappka, Germany

a word on the back

Write a word with your finger on the back of your  family! It’s for cognitive ability, concentration and fun!

idea & credit
Akane Katsuragawa, Japan/Germany

write an “elfchen” – a  short poem with eleven words

First one word, then 2 words, then 3 words, then 4 words, then 1 word again = 11 words.
You made an “elfchen” (elevenie) – congratulation!

Jos von Hest

afilii, Germany

movements of the day

Write down different movements and do this every time you go through the doors!

• Jump in like a frog!
• Crawl like a snake!
• Turn like a ballet dancer!
• Walk backwards!
• Try headstand! (If you can)

idea & credit
Akane Katsuragawa, Japan/Germany

paint with ink cartridge

What do you need?
Paper, ink cartridge, scissor, and even better: a black t-shirt and gloves.
It’s for creativity and flow.

Tara, Germany


create and play a punch and judy show

What do you need?
Paper, pen, pasta carton or other kind of carton, scissor, toothpicks, shashlik stick.

idea & credit
homeindustries_halle, Germany

spot the difference in the room

Look closely at how the room looks like.

Everyone goes out and a player changes 5 things in the room… for example, hide something, put something in a different place, open/close the windows.

All other players come back in and look for the differences.

This is for memory and also good for cleaning up the room with fun!

idea & credit
Akane Katsuragawa, Japan/Germany

detective at home

Take zoomed-in photos at home!

Can your family find the motifs?

idea & credit
Akane Katsuragawa, Japan/Germany

paint with lines & curves

Let’s paint  with lines and curves. How many people, houses, trees, flowers you can paint spontaneously?

idea & credit
Parna Rastgo Iran/Germany

ddakji battle

What do you need?
Cardboard and 2 people.

idea & credit
starex, New Zealand

flicking stone

What do you need?
Tea lights, bottle tops, coins or buttons and 2 people.

starex, New Zealand

create a micro & macro cosmos imagination

Create vegetables, fruits, objects, create  a table, a sphere of life , a microcosm Circle Sphere.

Have fun and keep smiling.

idea & credit
Dominika Błażek, LABORATORYART, Poland


vegtec – build and taste

Use all your senses for playing. Create constructions, animals and patterns out of vegetables and afterwards have a healthy snack. All you need are some common kitchen tools, fruits and vegetables.

usefull tools apple pitter, cookie cutter, toothpicks, paring knife

usefull vegetables and fruits apple, pear, cucumber, kohlrabi, carrot, kiwi

idea & credit
studio baustein, Germany

creating a maze and letters from dough

Recipe for baking dough
4,5 glass of flour,  4,5 teaspoons of baking powder,  1,5 glass of milk,  150g of warm butter 200°C , 15–20 min

Then decorating with seeds,  playing and finally eating.

idea & concept
Agata Potiopa, just blocks, Poland

let’s build your way to school or kindergarten at home

Ask your children: Do you remember the buildings, shops or trees in your school way? Which one was the nearest to school? What did you do there? Let’s build your school way in your room with whatever you have!

idea & credit
Parna Rastgo, Iran/Germany

hide & seek

You just need your home: in- or outdoors
Count to 10 while a family member is hiding. Then you call: I’m coming. In case it takes too long, call: say beep.  Communicate the rules: which places/ rooms; no locking of the doors and it should not exceed 3 min.

idea & credit
Casieliving, Germany

diy mobile

What do you need?
Paint mobile on cardboard and cut out, paint and pierce the figures in the specified places. Then connect and balance the individual elements of the mobile with twine.

idea & credit
Atelier LILA Holzdesign GmbH, Germany

diy brush

Collect sticks and make a brush with found objects from the garden or park. For example, an empty bird food net. But also moss, leaves and grasses are suitable as brush hairs. Cut a stick to a suitable length and fix your collection pieces with adhesive tape on the end of the stick. With watercolor you can paint funny patterns, thick and thin stripes.

idea & credit
Kinderkunsthaus Munich, Germany

give live to things

Observe everything around you.
Look at the shape of this simple stone.
What do you see ?

idea & credit
Laurence Dachouffe,, Belgium

create a collage of your favorite animal

What do you need?
Newspaper or magazine, scissors and glue.

There you go: Draw your animal in pencil. Then cut out strips from your newspaper and stick them on your drawing. Your collage is ready.

idea & credit
Kinderkunsthaus Munich, Germany

little big city (6+)

What do you need?
More then 1 person, paper, pencil.

Each player takes on the role of an architect. They must all work together. Fold a drawing sheet into sections (matching the number of budding architects). The sections become the building floor levels.

The first Architect will be responsible for designing the ground floor and the last Architect will be responsible for designing the top of the building.

Starting at the bottom and moving up the building. Once all architects have designed their architectural vision, unfold the detailed design to reveal the completed building.

idea & credit
Jason Dobbs, sofunsowhatplay, New Zealand

write your friends with secret letters

What do you need?
Paper, pen.

Make your own secret letters and write your friends you miss!
…or you can use my secret letters!

idea & credit
Akane Katsuragawa, Japan/Germany

alphabet from home (6+)

How to play it:
Find a digital camera or a smartphone with camera. Look around your living space and try to photograph shapes that look like the letters of the alphabet! You can do 9 letters to make a shorter challenge, or all letters from A to Z for a longer activity. Use your imagination!

Assemble all the photos to make an alphabet poster for print, or to share digitally. If you want to share it on Instagram, you can hashtag #alphabetfromhome to see others.

idea & credit
Mister Alphabet, US

color to your life: easter eggs

What do you need?
Color, brush, paper, yarn.

Cut out easter eggs (in the same shape), color them, fold them in the middle, glue them together like a star fruit (don’t forget to put a yarn) and hang them just everywhere.

idea & credit

diy easter eggs colored

First we did a salty dough, put it to cook until it got hard and then… free painting!

Recipe for the salt dough
cupful of plain flour, half a cupful of table salt, half a cupful of water

Preheat the oven to its lowest setting .

Mix the flour and salt, add the water and stir until it comes together into a ball.

Transfer the dough to a floured work surface and shape into your chosen model. You can roll it out and made eggs shape.

Put your finished items on the lined baking sheet and bake for 3hours or until solid.

Leave to cool and then paint.

idea & credit
Paola Bernardotto, ettomio, Italy

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