Stampimals Family by Nadine Härting: Animal Wooden Stamp Set (3+)


Stampimals Family by Nadine Härting: Animal Wooden Stamp Set (3+)


As a communication designer Nadine Härting was wondering why animal stamps for kids showed almost always ready-made motifs. This tends to rather limit their creativity, instead of encouraging them in a child-like way. For this reason she developed the Stampimals – a modular set of animal stamps made of wood. With a lot of imagination young and old can stamp exotic creatures – such as birds with fins or beetles with elephant feet – but also normal animals. Hours of DIY-fun for the entire family.


wood natural, reddish brown, black, matt laquered


beech wood from Europe, spring foam, vulcanised rubber, kraft cardboard


high play value +++ universal design +++ use of >50 % natural, renewable materials +++ packaging made of 100% recycled content +++ long-lasting product +++ small batch production +++ >50% handicraft, female business


Leiferde & Halle (Saale) / Germany

Compliance mark

CE +++ EN 71 for toy safety +++ PEFC


from 3 years up

Maintenance advice

Remove ink residues after use, clean with a damp cloth, use mild soap or stamp cleaner if necessary.


Nadine Härting


€ 48.50

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