my.d: Felted Chair Socks Made in Germany (0+)


my.d: Felted Chair Socks Made in Germany (0+)


Sometime children’s furniture can scratch your sensitive real wood parquet floor and your nerves. In order to prevent your children’s decorative activities from becoming a cacophony of scratch and scraping noises, the felted chair socks by the german brand my.d can protect your sensitive ears against noise and your floors against sharp chair legs. This wool felt overcoat for your furniture is available in seven different color combinations. It clothes particularly destructive objects that then become as quiet as a mouse.


Homeline classic: W 5.5 x D 5.5 x H 5 cm


flecked with grey/wool white, anthracite/flecked with grey, flecked with grey/anthracite, flecked with grey/red, flecked with grey/yellow, flecked with grey/green, flecked with grey/blue


Wool felt, metal clasp


universal design +++ >50% natural, renewable materials +++ 100% local production +++ long-lasting product +++ >50% handicraft


Workshop in Lower Saxony/Germany


0 to 99 years


Wilfried Hadsik

Maintenance advice

Can be washed by hand with wool washing detergent.


Homeline classic: € 7.65

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