Creative & montessori toys of wood by Aishwarya Nair

Why you design toys for children?

Designing for children is an enriching experience because you can impact human life at its most crucial point. There is nothing more rewarding than adding an extra smile through your products into their lives. I also feel like I can relate to children and truly empathize with them like I am one of them.

What was your inspiration for your montessori toys?

I was inspired by Maria Montessori‘s method of helping children learn difficult concepts through physical play and interaction with materials. I believe Montessori play contributes to real life learning experience for children, which they can easily relate to and understand. In today‘s day and age children are exposed to so much digital media that their interaction with the physical world becomes disabled or difficult. By playing with these physical materials children learn important life skills relating to the real physical world and also learn values such as patience and self confidence which the digital world fails to do.

Why are these montessori toys especially suited for children?

These toys take montessori teachings to the next level. It promotes independent play without any teacher or parent guidance. Through fun play it teaches the child concepts such as math, language, cognitive play, social science and more. Each toy has inbuilt error control which gives subtle feedback when the child makes an error and encourages correction in a playful way.

Are there other products that you produce specifically for children?

We also make furniture for toddlers as well as for montessori schools. Simultaneously we have been working on sustainable toys which enriches the cognitive development of babies between the ages 0–2.

A few personal questions at the end: What toys did you play with as a child? Did you have a favorite toy?

I had a few but very meaningful toys as a child. I remember this cascade car toy which made a very soothing sound every time the car cascaded down.I loved that sound. I also loved playing with a kitchen set which was completely made out of wood.But my all time favorite toy is a soft doll that my father got me when I was four. It used to talk whenever you pushed the heart button on her hand. After 22 years, I have still kept the doll.

If you look into a crystal ball and predict your future as a designer: what children’s product would you like to design next?

I am very excited and looking forward to building a cognitive development and interactive space for babies and toddlers.

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