Di.Jok – wooden building blocks by Cristina Puig


Why and how you developed your wooden building blocks “Di.Jok”?

I have always liked design, since I was little I made my own toys and I had fun even with a simple paper, I enjoyed creating and inventing things. That’s why it was a challenge for me when in my college years in the product design subject we were asked to invent a game. It was like traveling back in time, I felt like I was a child again, but this time, I knew more tools to design a toy that could be built in real life and share it with the world.

Have children been able to play with your building blocks already for kids?

At the moment Di.Jok is only a prototype, but I am sure that if it fell into the hands of children they would have a great time building and undoing their own creations. I must say, that the adults who have played with it have had a great time.

Is there something else you want to tell us about Di.Jok?

Yes, I would like to say that it is a toy designed to bring families together, parents can have fun with their children and together they can develop their creative skills, improve their imagination, concentration and with all this they also develop their social skills.

Until now, Di.Jok is still a prototype, but what are your plans for it?

I would love to make it, show it to the world and that children and adults can have fun with it. To do this I am looking for help from companies that are interested in it and that’s where I am, moving and contacting publishers who see potential in the toy.

Last but not least – tell us something about you Cristina and your career. Where and what did you studied and what was particularly formative for you?

I studied Interior Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and I must say that at any time in my life I have never regretted it. I grew professionally and more importantly, personally with every job and every challenge that was proposed to us. In each subject I had to develop my imagination and go beyond, which allowed me to enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Cristina Puig

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