Emily, Mum Blogger from smallfry

Do kids need design?

Our environment has an energy just like we do. Design can make you feel calm and peaceful, inspired and excited, overwhelmed and anxious. That of course extends down to children, too!

What is your idea of good children’s toys?

I love sturdy, hardy, classic, bright, fun and that inspires curiosity.

Can you remember your favourite toy that you had as a child?

I LOVED barbies because I loved dressing them! I still love fashion to this day!

What games or toys do your kids most like to play with?

My kids love to build things! Legos, blocks, writing books with stacks of paper stapled together.

What is essential for every kid’s room?

Light blocking shades for sleep time, a spot just for them even if they share the space and a good book!

And last, but not least: tell us more about your blog smallfryblog! What got you interested in starting it?

I wanted to share stylish living for people with kids! Design does NOT have to suffer just because you have small kids.