Wagon – cradle for kids by Cristina Pulido

Why do you design products for children?

I think there is a big need for innovative functional children products out-there. When I was pregnant with my first kid we lived in a small space and worked from home. We wanted a small crib with storage space that I could move in the house and the project started.

Where is your cradle for kids “Wagon” manufactured? What materials is it made of?

Right now it is manufactured in Barcelona, Spain it is made of natural plywood and finished with bio natural paint. The crib has been tested in a laboratory and has been certificated for safety for the European Union.

Good design for kids – what does that mean for you?

I think good design for kids comes from the difficult task of imagining we are them and see what they are in the different stages of their development. What is more important is that from the very beginning they want to play, they learn by playing. So there must be a combination of safety, functionality, simplicity and interactivity.

Do you have children of your own? If so, how do they respond to your “Wagon”?

Yes I have two, a two year old and a 6 month old baby they both slept in the crib for 6 months. Their first experience with the crib as newborns was to be protected and next to my bed. I remember waking up and looking at them trough the circles holes and see their little faces peacefully asleep, that is a great memory. Then when they were more awake at 3 or 4 months I started to play hide and seek throughout the holes. Sometimes they were looking mesmerized as I changed the crib from room to room. I think the holes in the crib helped them focus in small areas of the room rather of having the open view of a regular crib. And then as they were older I hanged toys and rattles in it so they will play. They also placed their feet and hands on the holes, for me it was very satisfying seeing them interact with the crib since my intention was to create a product that wasn’t like a cage but more adaptive and versatile.

If you look into a crystal ball and predict your future as a designer: what children’s product would you like to design next?

What I have in mind is a small bed for babies/toddlers as a transition from this crib. I like the idea of freedom for the baby. In the first months they need to be protected because they can fall, they need those barriers in cribs. There is a good opportunity to design products to stimulate their independence when they are a little older. It is a challenge to design a safe bed like that but it will be a nice project.

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