Play furniture Space Divider City by Neringa Orlenok

What was your inspiration for your play furniture Space Divider – City?

The main inspiration for “Play Space divider City” is a house as a building as well as the emotional feeling of home. One of the most favorite game for kids of all times is playing houses. So the inspiration comes also from my childhood, when I played this game just with chairs ant a big peace of fabric on top, imagining that this is my true castle. In “Play Space Divider City” I tried to create a versatile images of iconic houses, that we can find almost in all countries to make the outlook and style of the product universal and suitable for any kid.

Why is this product especially suited for children as a toy or play furniture?

This product suited for children both as a toy and as a play furniture. The perforated panels invite children to experiment and encourage their imagination simply by playing various spectacles. Kids also like to hide and have a time for themselves in the space created with divider. In this safe space they can read stories, learn and explore new things. As a furniture it can simply separate spaces as a regular space divider just with a twist of style.

Suitable design for kids – what does that mean for you?

It is easy and difficult question at the same time. From my point of view and opinion formed through the years of creating kids’ related objects – suitable design for kids is as less as possible of unnecessary details, appearance of natural materials and coordinated colors, in order to simplify object and create space for imagination and creativity. Nowadays market is full of poor quality, exaggerated bright colors plastic toys and furniture for kids which is harmful not only for the emerging child’s perception of the surrounding environment but also for our planet.

Do you feel there is a toy that every child should have (also by other designers and manufacturers)?

Yes there are few of them, but I would like to choose the one most interesting for me. So, tam taram tam (happy sound of percussion :) ), the chosen one is “Kengo Kuma’s Tsumiki” building blocks. It is a very versatile toy and it is even called Japanese alternative to Lego. The reason why i choose it is very simple: it is made from natural material (cedar wood), you do not need a instruction to understand it, it is an open ended play, it is abstract and creates a plenty of space for your imagination and creativity!

Are there other products that you produce specifically for children?

My main design field is objects and products for kids that encourage their creativity and imagination. Design that let them play and learn in the fun, interesting and unexpected way.

For example “Tetricube”, was inspired by the computer game “Tetris”, so i wanted to create a three-dimensional piece of furniture that can be assembled like a puzzle, personalized according to the need and modificated freely at any time. Just like “Tetris”. “Tetricube” is a soft, playful, creative furniture toy constructor that fosters imagination and logical thinking. This profuct supports children in their learning adventure, in constructing their unique space, and in developing sensory perception. Children can rearrange the pieces of the “Tetricube” to design their own playground, a maze, a fortress, a swan, or any number of other unique creations or simply to make a cozy seating at a birthday party. The ability to discover a bird or some magical creature in a simple shape is one of the amazing joys of childhood!

My newest creation is “MONAI”. It is the light table which employs circadian lighting technology. The new innovative model of the light table with the biorhythmically adjusted lights will lengthen the attention span of children during the active learning periods and calm down at night.

In 2015 MONAI was awarded at the Innovation Day organized by Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA). It is the main governmental institution, responsible for implementation of innovation policy in Lithuania. The award was given for ability to adapt the latest scientific discoveries in business development. MONAI has also just received IDA 2015 Silver Award (International Design Award), and in May of 2016 we’ve been awarded national GOOD DESIGN prize of Lithuania.

“MONAI” means magic, charm in Lithuanian, one of the oldest languages on Earth. “MONAI” can be used as a healthy lighting source, light play table for relaxation, painting platform for children, or simply a piece of interior.

“Sensory Play Space Divider” was also inspired by children’s all-time favorite “houses” play. The perforated panels invite small children to experiment. Children also like hiding and have a time for themselves in the space created with divider. In this safe space, they can read stories, learn and explore new things. By pushing various objects through the perforated panels of the space divider, children discover shapes and colors, learn letters and numbers, and develop fine motor skills.

“Sand Gardens” was inspired by Japanese “Zen gardens”. It is a creativity set which encourage children to play and create with natural materials. It is also a tool for relaxation. “Sand Gardens” set wooden parts are made of high quality solid oak and scoop is made of flexible milky plastic. This set was created especially for activity on light table.

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Photos Karolis Milasevicius
All designed product mentioned above were created for edu2 brand.