Lino – a play furniture by Stefano Visconti


What was your inspiration for your play furniture Lino?

Lino comes from personal observation on the phenomenon of cohabitation in a few square meters, where the available space must be arranged in a simple, fast and functional ways, being able to grow vertically. I was inspired by fruit box since I am a good fan of markets, usually one of the first destinations of each trip. Timeless and essential object, which perfectly fulfills its function, but also can be interpreted by different users.


In your opinion what makes a great product design?

A good product should surprise you in somehow, because is smart, because is easy to use, because absolve perfectly to his function.


How important is it for you to be creating sustainable, practical products with purpose that complement and enhance the end users lifestyle?

Sustainability today it is a crucial challenge. We are forced to rethink our relationship with the environment, our patterns of consumption, our standard of living. The primary objective is no longer about economic growth, but achieving a balance with the environment that has limited resources. Each of us may be considered as a “part of this problem”, and specially we, as designers, we can contribute to find solution.

How do you prototype your ideas? How do you know when you’ve got it right?

When I can’t remove nothing else, it means that the design it works and the idea is ready to be prototyped.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working from my Studio based in Florence, on a brand new office collection for chinese market. Meanwhile i am working as a teacher of Sustainable Design at the University of Florence, with a chines students from Tongji University – Shanghai.


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Photos Lino Diego Fava
Photo Visconti Flavia Veronesi