MAVALA’ – modern kids furniture by Anna Licata


Tell us about your background. How did you become a designer?

I’m an architect with the passion on design, considered in the wide meaning of the term: from the container to the content, from the projects of the building envelope (and the external environment), to the interior, to the design for each piece of furniture or object inside of it.

Since my first son’s birth, I began seeing the world from the wonderful point of view of a child, and I started developing projects with a special focus on design for children.


What was your inspiration for your modern kids table MAVALA’?

My sons Enrico and Bianca inspired me. MAVALA’ was born from the desire to offer them a solid starting point for playing and learning having fun, feeling free to interpret it as they desired.



How children respond to your furniture for children?

I love to learn how MAVALA’ can be used, just observing children playing with it, inventing new possibilities. Kids are not attracted from “unidirectional” toy-furniture to use in one way only: they need a first starting point to invent infinite situations, something that could be lived in many different ways, with no age or usage restrictions. With MAVALA’ they are not passive, they are subjects protagonists and actors who can decide how to play in infinite different ways.


Suitable design for kids – what does that mean for you?

Suitable design for kids means a design which consider the complexity and the unlimited imagination of kids, which gives them occasions to invent how to use or to play with objects.

It is stimulating and versatile, changing its function as imagination requires. It is secure, all the materials used have to respect both kids health and their-our environment.

Does your philosophy of good design for kids also have an educational mandate?

Of course. The mind of a child is growing and developing rapidly, it needs stimulation and occasions to be able to develop and differentiate, each person in a different way. How better than learning while having fun?

More about MAVALA’:

MAVALA’ grows with the child: the single stool can be used by small children sitting on the ground as the first mini-table, then it becomes a real seat to be used with his table. MAVALA’ is the first table to draw on which, to draw and transform with endless possibilities: house, cars’ streets, chess, cooking … is magnetic surface to attach letters or numbers-shaped colored magnets to compose the first words, for counting and learning while having fun.

Grown children became adults may continue to use it as a coffee-table on which write with chalk to leave messages and reminders.

MAVALA’ is searching for a Company to enlarge the production and reach a huge number of children.


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