Meet Agnieszka Pomaranska, Designer of the Igolo-Nest – a play-matt for children


Agnes, you designed the wonderful Igolo for little kids – can you tell us, how did you find the idea behind the product?

“As a designer and mother driven by a passion for my kids I always tried to join a good design with a high utility for better comfort for the youngest same as parents. This idea was the same which I have put in creating an Igolo nest.

Firstly  I thought only about  unusual,  fabulous playground with hidden suprises with shapes to which kids a pay attention, a comfortable place where they began to learn moving. But when I draw the first picture of that I have decided it is not enough and added  to my playground  a simply thing – string but thanks to that my huge mat chanaged  into a  nest with pillows and cover – a safe and soft place for rest after playing. By adding hands my nest became portable. Of course as a mum I do not forget about protection that’s why my mat is made from cotton, filled with safe certicated polyester an the most important: washable.

For summing up I want to say that I am really pleased  that my final product gained a recognition from such experienced person Katja Runge from afilli.”

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