Meet Aafke van Sprundel from Qukel – creative toys for kids

Aafke, what was the idea behind the concept of Qukel?

After a lot of market research and interviews with parents Qukel discovered that there is no toy brand that focuses on the relationship between father and child. While both parents play an important role in the development of the child. Father are eager to learn facts where mothers prefer to act intuitively. And fathers want to play physically and with a lot of humor. Qukel toys offer everything to strengthen the relationship between father and child: sturdy design, jokes, and information on child development. Toys that tell about the development of the child. To discover while playing and having great fun together.

Nevertheless,we did our homework. We analyzed commercial marketing, set up focus groups, online surveys, even started a panel study. Qukel toys are made in India. For a fair price. In Bandipur, a village near Calcutta, dozens of men and women have a job thanks to your purchase.

Regarding the design of the SlapDoekje (which is a smooth Babyblanket that is fit like a small sleeping bag that father’s can carry on their shoulders) what were the most important aspects that had to be fulfilled?

Our main focus was how the blanket could absorb smell because the blanket was specifically designed for very small children (0-1month), who’s sense of smell was the strongest sense at the time of their growth.The fabric had to be more than comfortable of course and the design had to be aesthetic but not to shiny,because children that are that young actually prefer colors that are not too bright,which is a big difference to many of our other products.Thats why we went with the color light brown and added a monkey-design.

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