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Do kids need design?

Under my point of view, a great design eases our life, improves our life quality, offer solutions … so why wouldn’t it be good for kids too? When I talk about design I am not talking about luxury or specific brands but about a useful, honest and innovative product?

afilii_childrens-furniture-Design_perludi_Flora_1Flora by perludi

What constitutes good children’s furniture for you?

Firstly, a great kids’ furniture must meet kids’ needs: it must be functional, ergonomic, lasting and safe. But we must also consider that kids use to sit down on tables, hide under the chairs, and create their own refuges with blankets and several pieces of furniture … furniture can be a toy for them. This is why I think we must consider that playful aspect; kids must be able to enjoy it in a simple and safe way.

afilii_childrens-furniture-chair-benussiandthefisch_2think things by  benussiandthefish

What should designers consider when they design spaces or products for children?

I especially like simple, creative, multifunctional and user-friendly spaces and objects. I like the same for kids.

Furthermore, we must bear in mind that spaces at home are becoming clearer so the kids’ desk and the play room can be in the living room and the furniture design must be adapted to this situation.

afilii_childrens-furniture-bed-Design_Rafa-kids-shelf-XL-natural-teener-bed_3bed by rafa kids

What is your favorite product for kids – be it a toy or piece of furniture that you had as a child or a product that you discovered as an adult?

Choosing one single product is difficult. I really like Naef toys but also the ones created by Pico Pao and many others. As far as furniture is concerned, I like that which designed to enjoy, easily adaptable to kids’ size, simple to use but with many possibilities.

What games or with which toys do you most like to play together with your kids?

I have a son and I really like playing cards and game boards with him. It’s a beautiful family moment plenty of laughs. However, I also love playing a role in this wonderful show of “all the toys in the living room” when he brings lots of figures (made of carton, wood or plastic), animals, volcanoes, castles etc. And we invent some stories (whose end is usually plenty of damaged troops).

I also like enjoying those book-games with some visual touches or challenges which make us have a funny time.

afilii_play-furniture-Trigonos_4play furniture by Trígonos

What games or toys do your kids most like to play with?

My son plays with every kind of toys but he really likes reinventing them, making changes, mixing and explaining stories about them.

Once they are assembled as they are supposed to be, he invests new ways to play with them. If he is playing with wooden blocks, he mixes different types of them to get complex buildings, from a Japanese house to a rocket or a saw mill to be the scene of his stories with figures. He also uses tangram pieces to write words. If he plays with small pieces like Lego, he dismantles the ships, the boats or the characters to create new elements with them.

The five most important things every kid’s room should have are …

It’s clear that a kids’ room requires a place where they can sleep (bed or crib), a wardrobe, and, from a certain age, a desk. Storage solutions are also an important element to keep their books, toys and little treasures.

In order to get a cheerful atmosphere, the bedroom requires light and little personal elements to make the kid feel comfortable at home. We can add nice textiles, posters, a tee pee … It will depend on the kid and his/her hobbies and tastes.