Moxie – play furniture by Manpreet Singh


Why do you design products for children?

I design for children as it gives me a limitless opportunity to be creative. Children have a very inquisitive and playful nature and they interact very differently with products. Each child interprets an object with his unique imagination, relating his own meaning to any product.



Why is your “Moxie” especially suited for children as a piece of furniture?

Moxie is a playful, modular piece of furniture which engages the child to build configurations and systems. It is like a building block, which can be used to create fascinating environments by the children, and would add to their learning of shapes, geometry and structures. It is light-weight with soft edges, and the simple form allows for versatile usage – it can be used as a bench, table or low seating with armrests.


What toys did you play with as a child? Did you have a favourite toy?

My favourite toy would be a set of Legos, which would let me build anything as long as I could imagine it.



Do you feel there is a toy that every child should have?

Every child should have a set of building blocks and some crayons!

And subsequently, what toy do you think is completely superfluous?

Each toy has something to give to a child, as long as it piques their curiosity and makes them happy.


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