Meet Valentina Caiazzo, design blogger from amisuradibimbo


Do kids need design?

Design means a tidy room, a practical space and open to experimentation, without too much space limitations. But also a different view of an object, without too many preconceptions.

Which kind of furniture for kids is good?

A multifunctional bed, which grows with the child. Not so tall and thought to stimulate the autonomy of the baby. But also a balance bike, for the same reason. It could be the first approach to mobility without parents, but it can also be interesting as the first way to learn the balance.



Do you remember your favorite toy in the childhood?

My favorite toys was a Monkey: Tino. It was a peluche and it was always with me.

What games or with which toys do you most like to play together with your kids?

With my son I usually play Hide and seek, bubbles soap and a lot of puzzles during winter. Big puzzles.

What are the toys your kids like the most to play with?

Filippo loves his bike. It’s a Early rider, it is the first with pedals and he always uses it. In summer we stay in a big home and he use it also inside. He loves also blocks, different kinds of blocks, and he likes tents. We have a tepee and sometimes we read  inside the goodnight story.


What is the most important thing in every child’s room?

Space. Design could be usefull, but it must be a complementary thing. A room full of toys, without space to think and to invent new kind of games, it couldn’t be comfortable.