Play it green! respectful & sustainable design for kids exhibition 20 – 21th of September Design Post Cologne

play it green!

respectful & sustainable design for kids
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THURSDAY, 20th of  September 2pm – 8pm
FRIDAY, 21th of September 10am – 8pm
Design Post Köln

play it green! offers a space in which to create encounters with and raise an awareness for the respectful and sustainable world of design for children.

play it green! is initiated and curated by afilii – the platform for design for kids – and will take place from September 20-21 at the same time as the Kind+Jugend in the Design Post Cologne. It is an exhibition for international retailers, interior designers, journalists, bloggers, and designers, as well as children and their families.

play it green! presents and supports international designers and manufacturers who are looking for new avenues to explore in the design and production of sustainable, child-, and eco-friendly toys, home accessories and children’s furniture. “We believe that the future of products for children lies in their sustainability. They focus on children’s cognitive abilities, agility, creativity and sensitivity.” says Katja Runge, founder of afilii – platform for design & architecture for kids.

play it green! empowers young designers and gives up-and-coming brands more visibility in the international market. Established designers and manufacturers will also be showing their collections in the Design Post, says Runge.

The centrepiece of play it green! is an exhibition that will show high-quality and sustainable toys, home accessories and children’s furniture.

The extensive framework program will inspire and create awareness for Changes of perspective:

The lab presents prototypes, student projects as well as sustainable materials.

Spotlight presents selected publishers for children’s books.

The play it green! award will honor a visionary initiative that is dedicated to social and ecological change.

Further highlights for professional as well as private visitors are workshops for children, thematic talks for designers and interested persons, as well as our get-togethers in the evenings.


THURSDAY,  20th of  September

2pm – 8pm
exhibition play it green!

play it green award!

6.30pm – 7.30pm
Luna Journal Business Talk
“How we can promote sustainable design for kids”
with Korbmayer (DE),  Lumokids (FI),  Mummy Mag (DE), Plantoys (TH), Senger Naturwelt (DE)
Moderation: Luna media

FRIDAY, the 21. September

10am – 8pm
exhibition  play it green!

6.30pm – 7.30pm
How can I find the right influencer for my Brand. Alex Hochstrasser, MOLUK
How we can foster sustainable education for kids. Joris Vanbriel, ecoBirdy
How we have developed our sustainable brand for kids. Nina Mihovec, ooh noo

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