Urban playground at Potgieterstraat Amsterdam by Studio Carve


What did you want children to experience with your urban playground in Amsterdam?

We think that children should be able to interpret and use a play ground their personal way.

To achieve this, we try to design our objects and play zones as ‘non-directive’ as possible, leaving open all play possibilities and encouraging the fantasy of children.

What are the most important components of making children playgrounds?

Safety, unlimited options of playing, and the playground as a meeting place and catalyst in the city are the key components of our projects.

We try to make playgrounds, where children of all age groups and ability levels can play together, and learn from each other.

Do you want to continue in the near future creating urban playgrounds?

Creating play spaces, from skate facilities to play towers and from water play zones to sports grounds, has been our focus for the past 20 years.

We challenge ourselves with every new project, design playgrounds and objects which relate to their surroundings.

What do you see as the greatest joy from working with modern playgrounds?

Although every project is a challenge, we particularly like how the intervention changed the way people use a neighborhood or how children play there. Especially in dense city areas, a playground can be a very positive contribution to the lives of both children and parents.


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