Nina – wooden baby cradle that grows with the child by Feit-Design


What was your inspiration for your wooden baby cradle Nina?

We wanted to create a versatile and durable piece of furniture, as a contrast to the usual ephemeral durability of a baby cradle. We designed the N+L convertible series which consist of a baby cradle convertible to a drawing table, an evolutive and fun piece which can be used from newborn till grown up. Solid wood and traditional joinery was for us a natural solution to achieve this. Let the furniture live, evolve, gain pattern and personality over the years.

Why is Nina Baby Cradle especially suited for babies and children as a piece of furniture?

FEIT’s baby cradle was designed and thought for our first child. Our aim was to build her a solid, safe and cosy sleeping environment by using most natural materials, handmade pure wool and organic coco fibre mattress base for instance. The wood finish is made of natural, non-toxic ingredients. As she developed and grew, we converted the cradle into the drawing table by adding up a table-top accessory and a XL drawing block, to let her express herself and draw anything she imagine at any size!

Are there other products that you produce specifically for children?

Apart from the baby cradle NINA, we produced the kids’ cupboard NKX with its playful winding light system. Both made of solid wood, they fit very well next to each other in your child’s room.

Specifically for children, we also designed the slot module from our modular series RISCA. Ideal for storing a colorful book collection or for children play space. It has lateral openings and is split into two handy compartments. The unit, with two levels of living space just waits to be inhabited with you child’s favorite little books, toys, or blocks. The slot modules stacked together become a stylish playhouse.


A few personal questions at the end:
What toys did you play with as a child? Did you have a favorite toy?

Julie I had the chance to grow up surrounded by the green, playing mostly outside, building tree houses all over the wooden area. At home i loved to play with my father’s workbench, sawing and nailing all wooden leftovers into abstract constructions.

Pedro As an architect, the Lego’s constructions were of course my daily bread! I also loved to build stuffs like racing wooden cars to compete with friends and boats made of nut shells. I followed their sailing trip by making them travel down the city rain water channels.

If you look into a crystal ball and predict your future as a designer: what children’s product would you like to design next?

Our next furniture piece for children is already on its way, being prototyped by us in our workshop in Lisbon. It is the third element of the N+L convertible series. Next to the NINA baby cradle and the LUCA drawing table there is still a missing piece. But the crystal ball didn’t reveal yet its final essence!


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