play at home presents creative game ideas for children and families at home

The initiative play at home has been gathering inspiring ideas for games from around the world since March 2020, games that can help make everyday life a bit easier for kids and their families.

Play at home encourages good spirits and a close bond between family members through its many fun games. Who can construct the nicest (or highest) tower using forks? Are your pizza delivery boxes piling up in the hallway? You can use them to create a stage using scissors, glue and coloring pencils. You can also take turns being a detective: someone from your family takes a picture of an object in the room – who can guess what it is?

This non-profit initiative was created by Katja Runge from Berlin, the founder of afilii, the international platform for design for kids.

Play at home is supported and brought to life by designers and creative people from many different cities and countries, from Berlin to Halle, from Japan to Israel, from Poland to New Zealand and the US.

All those involved support this project on a voluntary basis.

fork tower

Bram van den Haspe,, Netherlands

walking like an animal

Sarit Shani Hay Studio, Israel

spot the difference in the room

Akane Katsuragawa, Japan/Germany

little big city

Jason Dobbs, sofunsowhatplay, New Zealand

alphabet from home

Mister Alphabet, US

diy brush

Kinderkunsthaus Munich, Germany

balloon ping pong

Andreas Mikutta, Germany

give shapes to small things

Laurence Dachouffe, happymakers, Belgium

drawing triangles

Luca Boscardin, Netherlands

triangle lands

starex, New Zealand